Love in the Ruins


We are Love in the Ruins, a band formed in 2018 by Dana Suchow and John Paul Davis. In the summer of 2018 we started writing songs for the love of it, and by winter of that year ended up with an album's worth of songs which became our first album Collapse,. Our second album, Distances was written in autum 2019 and recorded and mixed in 2020. It's out on March 26, 2021. We hope you'll listen to them and that it will move you to to find hope in these troubled times, to live and dance and love outside the lines.

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Latest News

  1. Our new single, "Mira" is here!

    "Mira" - the new single by Love In The Ruins, is here! Written in 2021 while we were mixing Distances, the song features a character at the center of a nexus of many changes, a turning point in their lives. What will they do at the moment? Perhaps they can balance the tumult and weave a myth to sing to themselves as they dodge and correct. Check it out on all the streaming services and Bandcamp!

  2. New song, Lies Lies, from our forthcoming album Distances

    We're excited to announce our forthcoming album, Distances, out March 26, 2021, on all digital platforms! The first single from Distances is "Lies Lies," a fierce, energetic anthem for anyone who's realizing they've been lied to. Check out the lyric video, and if you use Apple Music/ iTunes or Bandcamp you can stream the track now. Listen on Apple Music or iTunes. Listen on Bandcamp.

  3. To Be Home

    Check out the music video for "To Be Home," from Collapse. The video was filmed in March and April of 2020 in New York City, as the city moved into social distancing in response to the COVID-19 virus.

    Video by John Paul Davis & Mahira Kakkar.

  4. The Shakedown Lyric Video

    The lyric video for "The Shakedown" is now live - check it out!

  5. The Shakedown

    Check out "The Shakedown," the first song we wrote together, and the first single from Collapse.